Open Access Multi-Array Detection & Assay

Meso Scale Discovery SECTOR Imager 6000

BABS Biomarker Services has been established to offer an ‘open access’ biomarker detection and assay service, under GLP conditions, to biopharmaceutical companies, Higher Education Institutes and others with an interest in this emerging field of biomedical research.

‘Open access’ means that with training and under supervision, any researcher can hire the biomarker facility to undertake biomarker assays.

Based at BioPark, the science park in Welwyn Garden City, BABS Biomarker Services is a consortium of BioPark with a tenant company on the science park, ABS Laboratories, specialists in bioanalysis.

The facility, which has been generously funded by the East of England Development Agency utilises a state-of-the-art Meso Scale Discovery® (MSD) Multi-Array® detection unit, ‘MSDSECTOR® Imager 6000’ to read and quantify a wide range of single and multiplex kits for biomarkers, cell signalling pathways and immunogenicity assays.

The detector unit is based on electro-chemiluminescence technology, the assay kits also being provided by MSD. This platform has become the industry standard within many large pharmaceutical companies for supporting in-vitro, preclinical and clinical drug discovery and development.